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Trade mission 2020 In 2020 it was again time to participate in a trade mission to Israel, this time with Minister Sigrid Kaag. The activities and visits were very extensive. Several bakers, training institutes and organizations to work with in the future. A nice addition to our network in Israel.               ...

During the program of trade mission 2018, we came into contact with other local bakers, both in Israel and Palestine. One of them is artisan baker Les Saidel. Artisan baker Les Saidel Les Saidel, a master baker originally from Johannesburg, South Africa, lives in Karnei Shomron with his wife Sheryl and four children. He is CEO of the Saidel Jewish Baking Center (, that specializes in baking and teaching how to bake healthy, traditional Jewish bread. He also manages the Showbread Institute...

Trade mission 2018 Shortly after the start of #DOBS, in May 2018 we participated in a trade mission to Israel together with Carola Schouten, then our Minister of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality. With this trade mission we participated in the Holland Innovation booth during AgriTech in Tel Aviv.             During AgriTech, contacts were made worldwide and the foundation was laid for the future of #DOBS....