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Dutch Organic Baking School is located at the Torenstraat in Wijk & Aalburg. Gerard & Suus's bakery is also located here, where Gerard has been baking organic bread for more than 25 years. His wife Suus has expanded the health food store over the years to include a very complete range of organic products. The workshops are given in the bakery and in the training center of #DOBS. You can participate in a group workshop, or you can participate in a...

Evangelia Nevrokopli - invidiual traning for 2 weeks My training in the bakery of Gerard & Sous lasted two weeks with a week of break in between. The context was that of COVID-19. It took me a few days to relax from the restrictions and the atmosphere they established. My training took place in the time and space of the bakery. I often saw my self as a part of the multiple machines that were in work in the bakery. To make...