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the Dutch Organic Baking School (#tDOBS)

The Dutch Organic Baking School is an initiative of organic baker and entrepreneur Gerard Hardeman and Corianne Vos from the Netherlands. They are convinced the future in baking is organic. Natural, without additives. ‘This development is unstoppable.  It’s the only way we can sustain our world.’ 

Organic baking requires a comprehensive understanding of the process. By omitting the additions, the product you work with is less controlled. You have to be close to the processes and feel and understand what happens. The Dutch Organic Baking School organises courses for professional and amateur bakers. Bakers who are interested in making and learning about ‘the switch’ to organic or want to master the finesses of organic baking.

The Dutch Organic Baking School stimulates organic artisanal baking, and the use of locally grown grains and other raw materials. This approach demands understanding of the baking process and the ingredients used. It stimulates local economies as it requires trained and skilled bakers and local growers.

In our courses, including practical “hands-on” training the full range of bakery products are covered from various types of bread to design patisserie. Also aspects like “gluten-free” are paid attention to.

The school provides international baking courses for professional and amateur bakers. Also it trains advise statups and professional bakers switching over to (certified) organic business operations. Basic knowhow of organic baking allows using a large variety of ingredients preferably all local available. Essentail SDG for upcoming markets both in high-end Western as well as domestic traditional environments in developing countries.

Teachers at #tDOBS are professional organic bakers with years of experience in their own expertise. Bakers who had hundreds of kilos of dough running through their hands, and who are happy to share their knowledge and experience. 

We share the joy of organic baking!