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Workshops and Courses

in the bakery of Gerard & Suus
(Torenstraat 2, 4261 BH Wijk & Aalburg)
Our courses are in progress. Follow Facebook for our latest updates.

In our courses, including practical “hands-on” training the full range of bakery products are covered from various types of bread to design patisserie. Also aspects like “gluten-free” are paid attention to.

Courses are available at our Dutch facilities or at a location of choice in your country. Dutch Organic Baking School is cooperating with “Gerard & Suus Organic Bakeries” and its Shops for Organic Food Products. Its services include E-collecting points at selected Dutch locations preferably with own regional specialty food products.

Courses start on saturday at 14:00, on sunday at 10:00.

For information and bookings

Corianne Vos

Mobile: +31 (0)6 – 2205 2937