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We regularly teach in countries around the world. In the Netherlands, we also do this within the baker's training courses. We regularly receive students from the vocational schools in our bakery. And we give masterclasses at the Curio in Breda, the Summacollege and Vakschool Wageningen....

Dutch Organic Baking School is located at the Torenstraat in Wijk & Aalburg. Gerard & Suus's bakery is also located here, where Gerard has been baking organic bread for more than 25 years. His wife Suus has expanded the health food store over the years to include a very complete range of organic products. The workshops are given in the bakery and in the training center of #DOBS. You can participate in a group workshop, or you can participate in a...

Wan - indidiual training for 2 months Hello readers, I’m Wan. I come from Taiwan, an island thousands of miles away from the Netherlands. I have passion for baking, making things by hands. During my travel, baking leads me to explore more different ideas and life-styles, just like what I found in this school. Spending 70 days here, including the crazy Christmas season, I learned so much new things from the team. Not only the typical Dutch culture, but the organic way of...