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Evangelia Nevrokopli – invidiual traning for 2 weeks

My training in the bakery of Gerard & Sous lasted two weeks with a week of break in between. The context was that of COVID-19. It took me a few days to relax from the restrictions and the atmosphere they established.

My training took place in the time and space of the bakery. I often saw my self as a part of the multiple machines that were in work in the bakery. To make questions or take notes did not take all my attention. I mostly tried to let my thinking and my senses be as coordinated as possible with these of Gerard’, Alesia’ and Whisley’. I may have felt then as not being able to understand everything but I was a bit wrong. This experience is not knowledge alone but mostly is a relation with the ingredients, the materials, the processes and their logic, your co-bakers etc.This is exactly the training’s valuable meaning.

I could suggest the idea to have Gerard giving his lessons outside the ‘job’ of the bakery. Although it might be worthy to try it, it would lack all richness of the relations you find only in the environment of a bakery. But of course a baking school always seeks innovative ways to communicate this passion and all that is around it, to people who at least feel they want to share the same.

I would like here to thank Gerard, Alesia and Wesley for their kindness to answer all my questions, to be willing to teach me, to be patient with my mistakes. They, including Corianne and Sous are all great people who share in common something that their bakery shelters…it’s on observers’ side to discover this😉 for me it is a life paradigm taken from the pure model of sourdough bread! Lots of congratulations to all people of the group!


Shiori – invidiual traning for 3 weeks

Highly recommend baking school!!

I am glad that I could get opportunity to learn from such a passionate teacher!

I have learnt how difficult but interesting organic baking is!! He has plenty of knowledge to bake delicious and healthy bread so you can learn everything what you want!

Everyone in the school/shop are so nice and helpful too!