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Natalia Sitcai – In Pane Veritas

We have been guiding Natalia for more than three years. From photographer to organic bakery in Sibiu; Natalia did it! What a fantastic woman with a fantastic company in Romania.
First of all, Natalia came to the Netherlands to learn the tricks of the trade. Natalia turned out to have a knack for dough, and that’s where the project started. She came back regularly for extra training and her bakers also followed an individual program at #DOBS in the Netherlands.
Gerard has been to Romania many times. To help find space for the bakery and the store. Helping organize and set up. Later to deliver over and kilos of Dutch organic certified flour.
It is great to see how Natalia is developing and growing her business more and more. See for more information about in Pane Veritas!